Winter Finch

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A nice morning treat was a visit by a Goldfinch this week. Not a regular in the winter here by any means. This guy flew in and stayed just the morning before moving along on his way. Wherever that might have been. A splash of color on a overcast February morning. Continue reading Winter Finch

Mountain Monday

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This winter the most numerous bird species hanging around our area is the Mountain Chickadee. They appear to make up the core of mixed flocks roaming the neighborhood and slightly outnumber the Red-Breasted Nuthatches and Black-Capped Chickadees. These guys have a wonderful feisty-spunky-gritty- character that makes them a real treat to have around on a winters day. As… Continue reading Mountain Monday

A close second

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Earlier this week we featured the Mountain Chickadee who by our accounting is the most prevalent species hanging around our neighborhood this winter. A close second,  and perhaps on some days the most prevalent species, is the Red-Breasted Nuthatch. Sitting quietly in an old spruce this particular Nuthatch presented us a nice photo opportunity on a warm March… Continue reading A close second

Rare plant of the month – February 2019

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Ficus pumila ‘Minima’ Plants often pass through nurseries and gardens, promoted by experienced and respected plantsmen – loved for a while then are left behind. These are the plants both species and cultivars that we seek to find, protect and pass on through the Plant Guardian scheme. One such plant appears to be Ficus pumila ‘Minima’ – but could it… Continue reading Rare plant of the month – February 2019