Any air travel can be exhausting.  Discomfort, unseen danger, turbulent weather, strange places and faces, unpredictable food quality. Even if you never have to check luggage or go through security shoeless.  Even if you have no shoes. Exhausting.  Especially if you have to flap your wings all the way…eve napThis guy had winitered in South America and was recently returned to Malheur…a trip of over four thousand miles in many cases…often they are seen passing through Ecuador, on the way further south…this is a bird that weighs just over 2 ounces, that’s one-eighth of a pound, that’s roughly one-fourth of the weight of the ordinary Norwegian rat that shares cities with humans the world over and never has to fly or travel far for food.  This fellow has to catch all his own food on the wing.
Here are two more at ease at Malheur Field Station, one just plunked…

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