Weald Amphibian Survey

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A few weeks back I joined the Essex Amphibian and Reptile Group on a survey of ponds in the Weald Country Park near Brentwood. Led again by the awesome Graham Hart we met at 19:00 to lay down transects of traps at one location before making our way to another to survey the sides of the pond by torch. A… Continue reading Weald Amphibian Survey

Shanghai, China – June 2019

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Another business trip with the brick company took me to Shanghai recently. Luckily, I managed to get away for a few hours on my first and last day, and I decided to concentrate on Century Park. Craig from Shanghai Birding very kindly recommended the spot for visits on limited timescales as you can typically see between 20-30 species in a… Continue reading Shanghai, China – June 2019

Sensing a bit of home wherever we go

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Catskill farmstead. My wife and I enjoy traveling. Planning for travel sometimes takes longer than the trips themselves. We prioritize the places we want to see, activities we want to do, and connect with any friends we can visit along the way. We leave plenty of room for flexibility. Spontaneity spices up every trip. We also try to include some… Continue reading Sensing a bit of home wherever we go


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Any air travel can be exhausting.  Discomfort, unseen danger, turbulent weather, strange places and faces, unpredictable food quality. Even if you never have to check luggage or go through security shoeless.  Even if you have no shoes. Exhausting.  Especially if you have to flap your wings all the way…This guy had winitered in South America and was recently returned to Malheur…a… Continue reading AFTER A LONG FLIGHT…