Working on the Dust Mann’s ficus retusa

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This Saturday I had the privilege of working on a huge tiger-bark ficus at my new client’s (Dustin) house.

No, it didn’t fall out of the pot, we took it out to make it easier to work on. Sorry about the washed out look of some of the pics, I had to play with them so you could even see them at all. Here’s the original of the above pic:

If you didn’t know, I use an iPhone for all of my pics (this one is the 5s, I’m waiting on the 6s to upgrade) and the photo editing app I use is called Snapseed. With it I can take this pic:

And turn it into this:

Or this

And turn it into this:

Pretty neat, right? Like it says on my Instagram page, it’s all iPhone digital trickery. I think of it like this: my eye sees the 2nd…

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