Partial defoliation of a Japanese Maple

Nebari Bonsai

To allow light to reach the interior of a dense maple, remove 1 leaf from each pair, once they’ve hardened off. Back-budding should result from the added light. Water use will slow down a bit too, so keep an eye on watering.



Top half done:


Much more light can get into the tree now. Some light pruning was done in denser areas, and more will be necessary in the spring.


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A sick fic(us)

Scratch Bonsai

This is a fused trunk style Ficus houseplant that has been sitting in my workplace since I joined 9 years ago.  It’s always just sat out of sight in a corner of a foyer , never receiving much attention from anyone I guess but seemingly doing ok.  Perhaps the caretaker gives it a watering now and again.  However I noticed recently that it’s in very bad health.

DSC_0849 Before. April 2015

Drainage was non existent and the roots were bound in constantly wet peaty soil.  I’ve very little experience with indoor trees and the only other ficus I looked after was 5 or 6 years ago when starting out in bonsai and I kept the thing in my bathroom so it could appreciate the humidity.  Didn’t realise the importance of drainage though and I killed it.  So, I took pity on this thing and it’s probably going to die anyway so I’m…

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