Slip potting out of season

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Dateline, October 22, 2021. I need to do something about a client’s Conocarpus erectus, a Florida buttonwood.

Tall tree. It was purchased from Dragon Tree Bonsai on the East Coast of Florida, in Palm City a few years ago by my client. It hasn’t been repotted since he’s had it (partly my fault as my travel schedule has been hectic, partly his, as he’s the owner of a growing body shop, an ethical one that refuses to use substandard parts or allow the insurance companies to only pay for patchwork. Talking with him really opens your eyes to the corner cutting insurance companies, and some other body shops, will go to, often in tandem with each other, to save money. My client spends upwards of $40,000 on just factory training a year to understand what it takes to repair a modern car so that it’s not only cosmetically correct, but…

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