Reworking A Japanese Maple

Originally posted on Michael Hagedorn:
Carmen, my apprentice, said I should call this maple ‘Cousin Itt’, from the Addams Family. There is a resemblance. The spooky bit is Itt lost two branches last year. This year we let Itt run hard out of fear of losing more. Last week we removed all the incandescent leaves (what a shame) to see what had happened within the… Continue reading Reworking A Japanese Maple

Article 61 – ‘A balanced composition’

Originally posted on Taiga Bonzai:
Hi, welcome to Taiga Bonzai in this post we discuss the marriage of tree and container starting with the definition of the Japanese word ‘Bonsai’ (the umbrella term for this art) – ‘Bon’ is pot and ‘Sai’ is tree. Introduction – as we have often stated, the old rules are today mere guidelines nonetheless, they contain logic, common sense and… Continue reading Article 61 – ‘A balanced composition’