Trident Maple Thread Graft

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Here’s another neat Acer buergerianum, another gift from my friend Ed.

This was from the same batch where he put CD’s under the roots to improve the nebari root spread. The work today will be a thread graft, repot, and bud selection.

Ed did a spectacular job building the tree to this point.

The roots are great, and using old compact disks was brilliant.

A quick repot into a deeper container since I’ll be putting a graft on it.

It’s just a plastic grow pot for now.

There we go…

Let’s appreciate the work done by Ed.

The root spread, or nebari, as some Japanese nurseries call it, is near perfect in my eyes. Some bonsai artists and people like a more flattened look to the nebari, but I prefer a more natural look myself.

Now let’s get to the branches and bud selection.

First step is to get rid…

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