My Son’s Trident

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This acer buergerianum actually belongs to my oldest son, but don’t tell him. I’ve neglected the tree for a few years.

One day, many years ago, my firstborn son Andrew and I were visiting a special nursery, Bonsai at Passiminan, run by Mr. Cliff Potberg. Cliff had been growing trident maples in the ground for about 15 years, and, after being out of the business for that whole time, had now decided to sell them off. It was a lucky break for us in Florida to have access to old grown-out acer beurgerianum stock, and I wasn’t going to miss the chance. So it was me and The Boy, shovels and hand-saws and all.

Anyway, this tree was the smallest of the ones in the ground and Cliff told my son he could have it if he dug it up himself.

So my son did just that.

The roots are…

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