Fall Tree Catalog Part 1


Every so many years, I start a project of cataloging my collection to show how a tree has advanced or declined. All of the trees featured here have been in earlier posts and most have been in my development for a decade now. There are a few exceptions.

2019: Collection Update: Beautyberry Shohin

2019: Collection Update: Miniature Rose

2019: Collection Update: California Juniper ready for re-potting in January.

2019: Collection Update: California Juniper, Cutting by Lonnie McCormick – Going to styling next month

2019: Collection Update: Cork Oak after branch changes this spring.

2019: Collection Update: Bunjin Ivy

2019: Collection Update: Olive Clump growing in since summer work.

2019: Collection Update: Olive Seikei after cleanup work this past summer.

2019: Collection Update: Boxwood after restyling this summer. Notice leaf size and branch development from previous article.

2019: Collection Update: Chinese Quince going to be restyled this Fall.

2019: Collection Update:…

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