Slender Scots Pine

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A pine that I bought as “light” yamadori from the Sirotný family was from a garden planter that a lady had for about 15 years. This was their rough estimate so it could be around 18 years old now and has some decent bark on most of the tree. I really didn’t know how to create an apex on this tree initially but I believed that with some good horticulture, back-budding would occur and the apex would eventually come.


I’m quite happy with the direction this tree is going in and also the fact that it began as such humble material.

Have a great day.


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New Year ’19

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I apologize for not posting for such a long time. I would like to update you with some images of some of the trees that have changed a bit since how they started out.

A larch that was dig up but wasn’t too interesting. After the initial styling I wasn’t very satisfied and I thought about removing two of the structural branches. This wasn’t the decision that would improve the tree though. It was the angle and some adjustments to the styling. Now I feel that it is moving in the right direction.

Here is a very cheap and simple nursery stock Sabina juniper. For a few years I wasn’t sure what to do with it. Then it had its first repot, then first styling and trim a year later. It was left alone for some time and had another repot into what I felt to be a more suitable…

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Late spring update

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Howdy everyone! It’s been some time since my last post but that’s because we’ve been busy with our new family member and several other things. I’d like to take this opportunity to show some of the changes in the garden.

feminine yamadori hawthorn

C3EBFB8A-29DF-4055-BFAC-A7E8D4E0518C successfully air-layered Mahaleb

88CF0E6D-75DA-4495-B3FC-891E50704E04 A beautiful Birch that my friend Jiri Vyslouzil owns. He let me style this tree and I fell in love

IMG_0819 Another American, styled in a natural form

6C82238D-2E51-49A5-B672-FC0AAC7E3FFC The ugly duckling is starting to look like a nice little tree

D27CB2F1-CAC1-4243-B70F-C83AF9A202D7img_0150 (1)

IMG_0841 The Moravian Karst forest was upgraded this year


I’ll be posting some more things soon. I hope everyone is having a great spring and enjoying everything that has woken up from winter.



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Japanese White Pine new design

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Well hi there, here’s my Miyajima white pine I purchased about 4 years ago and how I’ve moved forward with it. When I first bought it, I was going for a classic design and wired and styled it out. However, the next spring revealed that the cambium separated from the sapwood.

This resulted in all of the lower and main branches to die off, leaving me with a tree that resembled a fat person holding an umbrella. Impressive trunk but no asymmetry and bonsai without symmetry is just not as interesting.


I figured that I would at least re-pot it into the front that was proposed and then we’ll go from there in terms of a new design.


A few months later I thought of keeping the bottom branch as a jin and so I tried that


I had completely fallen out of love with this tree and was lost…

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The long awaited re-potting of one of my oldest bonsai trees. How a compacted soil mixture can influence your watering routine…


It’s been a while since I have been on the site to upload an article. I started my own company in May 2019 and it has taken up most of my time trying to get the company of the ground. I’m happy to announce that BWR Productions (PTY) Ltd is now registered and fully functioning. It has been a hectic few months but I can see that everything is starting to work out for the best now.

Now that I have more time on my hands I will be posting more regularly (or at least I hope to be posting more). As I am getting ready for the new growing season I thought it would be a good thing to share my routine during the season with you. Last week I started fertilizing again and will be repeating this process every two weeks. The weeks in between I will be…

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Scots Pine re-potted Today

Robert Nocher Shohin Bonsai

Today I spent some time re-potting the Scots Pine that was rewired over the winter. It also required a slight change of angle. This is a reminder of how it looked before todays’ work.


And this is how it looks at the moment in a new Chinese drum pot, which is more in proportion with the tree.


Here it is again, almost complete and back out on its’ plinth.


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A New Pot for a Tall Juniper

Robert Nocher Shohin Bonsai

Today, I re-potted this tall Blaauws Juniper into a nice Ian Baillie drum pot.


When I acquired this tree in 2016, it was in poor condition as the previous owner had died and the tree had been neglected for a few years. This is how it looked at that time.


By September of 2018 it had recovered sufficiently to begin some work on it. This is how it looked after the fist styling


The new look required a change of planting angle and a new pot. The re-pot was carried out today. This is how it looks at the moment. A few more seasons to develop the foliage and the deadwood and this will be a really nice tree.


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Developing Deciduous Bonsai Course

Bonsai Eejit

Im always happy to review the latest Bonsai Empire course when it hits the internet. This time its Developing Deciduous Bonsai with Mauro Stemberger, Harry Harrington and Walter Pall.

Deciduous work I feel is often under promoted in bonsai circles and I can see this resource being a great addition to what’s available and can be valuable to many bonsai enthusiasts out there.

This course differs in a few ways from the usual Bonsai Empire offerings. Firstly, with three different teachers with three different approaches, we can see that there is more than one way to achieve results. Secondly, the volume of content is higher. Perhaps it’s not as concise as the fundamentals course from Michael Hagedorn or Bjorn’s Bjorholm’s Beginner through to Advanced courses, but this course has its own feel. It’s like getting a front row seat to a lecture or demonstration and being able…

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Bjorn Workshop and the 9/11 Scots Pine

Bonsai Eejit

A week yesterday, where does the time go! I was taking part in a group Workshop in Belfast with Bjorn Bjorholm. I missed him the last time he visited due to a holiday but this time I grabbed a slot with Belfast Bonsai’s event.

My tree for the day was only a recent addition to my collection but a tree that I have a special connection to. It belonged to my best friend Stephen who was letting a few of his bigger trees go due to the fact that they were bigger than him. Sorry Stephen, I can’t resist 🙂 The tree was originally purchased as raw material from Willowbog Bonsai back in the late 90’s.

I helped Stephen with it’s first styling on 11th September 2001, a date that will forever stay in my memory and why I call the tree the 9/11 Scottie. I can remember standing wiring…

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