Field Notes: Eastern Oregon Cascades

Wickersham's Conscience

WC is back from a week-long trip to the easterly side of the Oregon Cascades, where the scenery is very, very good but services do not include internet. This is the second of several posts from the trip.

WC’s geomorphology professor, back at the University of Oregon, told us one time, “There’s some very interesting geology in Oregon, but it’s buried under a thousand feet of lava.” As WC recalls, he was a visiting professor, because if you don’t like volcanoes and are teaching geology in Oregon, you’re probably in the wrong state. Or the wrong science.

But WC paid attention to more than just geology on his recent visit to the eastcentral Oregon Cascades. While those big mountains cast an impressive rain shadow over the eastern two-thirds of the state, in places they are low enough to let a little bit of rain through. Douglas Fir even prosper in…

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