Appreciation of a bonsai pot

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Here I sit, in my old PT cruiser, awaiting my spawn. I have this little bonsai pot sitting in my drink holder beside me.

It’s not much, really. It’s what they call a “production pot”. I do believe it’s Japanese, which means it’s most likely from the city of Tokoname, Japan, in the Aichi prefecture. I find it funny that many people think a Tokoname pot is special, considering that the most famous output from the city, in terms of ceramics, are those goofy Lucky Cats that wave at you as you sit at the sushi bar eating raw fish.

Well, those cats and toilets.

Anyway. I like the pot.

I have a weakness for interesting pots.

Here’s one I won in a Facebook auction, from Josh Jeram

I’ve been watching his work and this one came up so I jumped on it quick. Damned fine construction and the glaze…

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