Immature Cape Cormorants landing on beaches or in gardens.

Hermanus Bird Club

We have over the years received several reports of immature Cape Cormorants landing up on beaches or in gardens along the Overstrand coastline and being unable to fly. In recent weeks there had been an increase in such reports, particularly during spells of bad weather. We receive several calls about this from concerned members of the public and club members and therefore decided to investigate this matter further.

It transpires that this phenomenon occurs all along our coastline and at the moment there are more than 100 of these birds being treated at SANCCOB – all having been collected along the Cape Town peninsula. These juvenile birds are emaciated due to being underfed, become disorientated and try to reach land in order to survive as they are too tired to fly or swim. It is reported that they lose fat and muscle content and eventually die of organ failure. This…

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