Article 84 – ‘Plant husbandry 2’

Taiga Bonzai

Hi welcome to Taiga Bonzai, we have discussed what happens below ground with the root system and its functionality, in this article we concentrate on what occurs above ground in the foliage and its production of sugars and starches that feed the root system.

Introduction – photosynthesisis a process used by plants toconvertlight energyintochemical energythroughcellular respiration that can later be released to fuel the plant’s activities. Some of this chemical energy including sugarsandstarches are synthesized fromcarbon dioxideandwater and stored incarbohydratemolecules.In most casesoxygenis also released as a waste product which stores three times more chemical energy than carbohydrates.


Light energy – although various species of plant perform photosynthesis in different ways, the process always begins when energy from light is absorbed byproteinsina reaction centre, which contain greenchlorophylland other coloured pigments referred to as chromophores. In plants, these proteins are held insideorganellescalledchloroplasts, that are most abundant in leaf cells, while in…

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