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Ok, I’ve already cleaned this trident up and cut it back. You’ve seen enough of that in the last few posts so I won’t bore you with that this time. This is a grafting post. Inevitable, for this time of the year.

Acer buergerianum, the prized trident maple. Acer is Latin for maple, but it may have been borrowed from the Greek word for maple, akastos. Or from the Proto-indo-European root ak, meaning “sharp, sour, bitter”. In Latin I do believe the “c” is a hard c sound, like the letter “k”, but most pronounce it as “ase-er”. Buergerianum means it was named after a Mr. J Buerger, a plant hunter (cool job, if I might say so) but it was named by Friedrich Anton Wilhelm Miquel, a Dutch botanist. The Japanese name is Toukaede, meaning “Chinese maple”. Here’s a cool write up on the Tokyo Naturalist website on…

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