Photographic Timeline of Kusamono

Michael Hagedorn

Today I thought it’d be fun to show how several kusamono—large accents usually displayed without a bonsai—have changed through the last decade or so in my garden. How kusamono morph with age is often striking. Often the plant / root mass / pot balance shifts to favor the root mass.

Some of the kusamono shown here haven’t been repotted in 12 years. (‘Don’t like repotting? Try accents!’How’s that for a commercial?)


2013, Vetch and Aster…


…and same composition in 2020, with a tuft of grass now. Notice the root mounding, beginning to spill over the edges.


2013, a pot of Juncus…

Screen Shot 2021-08-25 at 3.05.04 PM

…and in 2020, again with the mounded roots and moss enveloping the pot.


2013, Sedge and Giant Helleborine…


…and in 2019. In the previous photo a major part of the composition was the pot. Now root and moss growth have minimized the pot, but they’ve unified the…

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