253/366 | Mealworm Time!

Louisiana Belle

We have so many Bluebirds! I counted a dozen at one time and it looked like dozens more at the baseball backstop. Since the mouse incident with my car I hadn’t been feeding them. I decided they’re the one bird I will make an exception for because they finish off all the worms before sundown.

While I was sitting in the lawn chair with my camera, a Ruby-throated Hummingbird flew inches from my face and hovered for a couple of seconds. I figured she was mad at me for letting the nectar run out, so I went straight to the kitchen with the dirty feeders, cleaned and refilled them. That was a nice little surprise because I thought the hummers were gone.

400mm | f/5.6 | ISO 1600 | 1/1000 sec

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shorebird splendor

towels packed, will travel

A brilliant flash of vibrant feathers arrayed in improbable color combinations. A clear, beautiful melody. It should come as no surprise that songbirds tend to be most birders’ first attraction. Big and powerful, swift, silent, and deadly, raptors likewise engender fascination. Some birding enthusiasts obsess over obscure species. We distinctly recall how excited one birder we encountered in Namibia became when D told him he had seen a Burchell’s sandgrouse on a safari drive. “Any day you see a sandgrouse is a great day,” he had remarked after grilling us on the bird’s whereabouts.

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More than just Birds


On a birding trip to Zimbabwe a couple of years ago, we were lucky to see many birds and get many pictures, but there is always more. In my rush to publish my bird images, I often overlook the other beautiful sights along the way, such as the wild flowers, so I thought I would dig up some pictures from this trip and share them.

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A Note from Mike Ford

Hermanus Bird Club

Hi Ronnie,

Firstly thanks for sharing your Masai Mara experiences. Very interesting. Only wish I could afford such a trip!

Just had an odd experience which might be of interest to members:-

Two weeks ago I started venturing out again on my weekly ringing trips around the Overberg. Yesterday I visited the recently-drained Bot River site on Ampie Albertyn’s farm along the Kaarwyderskraal road. Although really marshy and requiring “wellies” the riverine woodland site was once again accessible and I caught and ringed a lovely selection of birds, including Lesser Honeyguides, Malachite Kingfishers, Grassbirds, Long-billed Crombecs, plus warblers, cisticolas and many other nice species.

Whilst returning to the vehicle after a net inspection I witnessed a pair of Jackal Buzzards quite low above me, inter-acting and screaming at each other. Then a pair of Yellow-billed Ducks flushed from the marsh and tried to move away from the raptors, but the one buzzard was…

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Italian streets


Part of the joy of visiting Italy is that one gets to see different things, and to get from one to the other, one must use their streets.  This in itself is an experience, as every street  and alley has a story to tell, if one reads the signs and images along the way.  Once again, armed with a camera, one is able to capture fleeting moments from times past and present, reflected in architecture, signage and art.

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The Masai Mara experience


Visiting the Masai Mara is much more than just some game viewing.  We stayed in the Kichwa Temba Camp and were very well looked after.  The staff and our rangers were excellent and we were constantly entertained with different dinner or lunch venues.  We were greeted like old friends on arrival and everyone came to see us off.  It was an unforgettable experience!

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