Interesting Things – Reshaped Wings, Forest Birds, Evolution?

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I came across an interesting article in Science News, September 12, 2009, called, “Rapid evolution may be reshaping forest birds’ wings,” by Susan Millius. Subtitle – “Trend for pointier appendages in heavily logged boreal forests, with blunter, rounder ones in reforested parts of New England.”

Boreal Chickadee (Poecile hudsonicus) by Daves BirdingPix

Records have been kept on birds that live in the boreal forest of Canada and parts of New England for the past centrury. These areas were heavily logged and left bare or reforested as in parts of New England.

When the records were analyzed, a trend developed. Wings of forest birds where the trees were logged and left bare were longer (approximately by 2 cm) and more pointed, whereas, the forest birds that had the trees replanted and the forest renewed, had shorter (by 2 cm) and rounder wings. They are comparing the same species of birds in both places.

“Mature-woodland species showed…

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Projects, Blooms, and Slowing Down

Box & Bay

It is super obvious that I need to better figure out how to blog and garden at the same time. I will work on that!

With the sudden onset of summer (I think?) and 70-80 F weather, my mind and sunburns keeps telling me how far behind we are in our projects. My eyes look around and see trees just now budding and remind me it is only May. There is a daily disconnect that alternately pushes my panic button and then walks me back away from the edge of the cliff. Its been such an odd Spring. If you can even call it that!

We did jump straight away into the herb potager as soon as the snow melted. It has been one of those strange leftover spaces that we struggled to formulate a plan for. Then the plan changed a half dozen times. Then we bought supplies and…

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Project progress.

Box & Bay

The week off, despite the heat, was used as intended. To get on the proper side of the garden’s to-do list.

Not an easy task it turns out!


We finally got the main garden properly edged. Gone are the ratty old decking boards held in place with stakes. Now a lovely line of charcoal brick. I’m please with how it turned out, how affordable it was, and how quickly it came together.


We finished moving the fire pit down into what we call the Cee Garden and finished planting it up. We also refinished the outdoor chairs with a good sanding and a couple coats of Teak Oil. They are lovely now and, with this being the only sunken area in the garden, make for a really nice place to sit and enjoy the flowers.


The Potager/Herb Garden got its top dressing of pea gravel and a few extra dahlias…

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The Forest Floor – Transformations with Life #8

FOUND - The Repurposed Design Company

After planting the four maple seedlings I added some garden moss to keep the soil moist and then I put it in the sun. A few days later other plants started to grow. It looks very much like the floor of the forest with the trees high about and tons of life struggling fort a little sun under the canopy.

The pot is equally alive with textures imitating the magic that occurs in an Anagama kiln, but done in an electric kiln. Old shards of porcelain are fused into the sides and patches of iron oxide emulate natures hand when the flames and smoke paint the pots in a wood fired kiln. I’m very happy with this one.

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Little Trees – Transformations with Life #4

FOUND - The Repurposed Design Company

I have all these little maple trees growing all over my yard. At first I wasn’t sure what to do with them. Now I have a few ideas. Always fascinated with Bonsais, I thought I could possibly do my own with a Canadian twist. Taking some of my electric-fired, Raku-styled tea bowls and using them as pots just seemed to make sense, especially since I’ve been getting so many ideas from Pinterest to do just this.

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The Reaching Pot – Transformations with Life #9

FOUND - The Repurposed Design Company

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to repurpose this small tea bowl. It was very nicely done, comfortable in the hand, and with a beautiful blue crackle glaze. This early pot got very close to some of the early Korean pots I was inspired by. When I added this little indoor hanging plant, I wasn’t sure how it would react, much less how it would grow. I thought it would hang down over the sides and cover the pot. Well, I was off the mark on that one. Wishing an hour of being transplanted, the plant raised its arms and seemed to grow before my eyes. It’s been happy there ever since.

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Reaching for Nirvana (Transformations With Life #14)

FOUND - The Repurposed Design Company

Another example of the persistence of life. Like many of my plants, I find them on walk, this time deep in a vast filed of wild growth. This amazing plant was growing out of a dry mud patch. The earth was so dry and hard packed, that I broke the small shovel I was using to try and dig it out. The roots also broke when I pulled it up. I played it in a vase of water, in the sun and new roots sprouted in only a few days.

I originally intended to use a forming wire to shape the truck so it would grow in a more traditional bonsai shape, but when I planted it, the natural form it took pleased me so much, I didn’t want to change. It feels as if it’s stretching to stand tall and tell us how strong it can be, despite the…

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