Die Oog new update November 2012


Went to Die Oog yesterday. The place looks good. Was greeted at the gate by a family of egyptian Geese. 9 juveniles and the mom and dad. They were followed by 4 Helmeted guineafowl.

Walking around the lake I heard cheeping of chicks. I looked zround for a nest with chiscks in the reeds by the side of the water but could not find the nest. Next thing the trees above my head exploded as a couple of cormorants took off out the tree. Looking up I saw about 15-20 cormorant nests in the oak tree that gets used by the weavers. There were a coouple weavers still using their nests too but not as many as earlier in the year.

The Dabchicks also had 4 chicks swimming about and diving for food. Also the Coot had chicks on the nests. What disturbed me was finding a white quacker casualy enjoying the water with the Yellow-billed ducks. Not a good situation.

Had sightings of Crows , Common starlings, Karoo prinia, Cape white-eye, Cape weaver, Cape bulbul, mousebird, cape sparrow, hadeda.

Die Oog still looks good and the water level looks very high, the muddy banks where the Blacksmith Lapwings were foraging is all but covered. Incidently there was no sign of the lapwings. One bad aspect is very few Leopard Toad tadpoles this year. Saw a sign up requesting people to refrain from taking tadpoles home.

Anyway had an enjoable trip there. Hope to be back there soon.

Die Oog today 13 August 2012

Went to Die Oog today first time in about a month. The water has risen so much in the last month. It’s at least a foot and a half up on the overflow wall. The water diameter is right up against the new retaining walls and on the north right up against the fence around the reserve. Another interesting fact is that all the old weaver nests have been stripped and about twelve to fifteen new weaver nests are built or in the processs of being built. the weavers are actively showing off their nests.

Another thing I noticed is a Hadeda nest wich is being used at the moment.