New Oog Update

Went to Die Oog Bird Sanctuary today. Update on the water level looks very promising. The rescent rain has upped the water level considerably. Notable bird updates is that there was a Spurwing Goose at the sanctuary today. The Coot juveniles are quite big now and i saw at least three pairs of Coot with juveniles.

I took quite a few photos of the island and also the bird life. The weavers are busy building nests again and seems like the Dikkops are nesting too. There are plenty warblers flitting about the marshy area below the lake. Also came across a couple of sunbirds too. Generally bird life at Die Oog is returning to normal. Even saw a bunch of Mousebirds forraging in the pile of garden rubble lying inside the grounds.

Die Oog Visit

I went to Die Oog yesterday afternoon. The water level of this sanctuary is still very low. Lower than it was last year this time. Even the rains of the last few days has not made much difference.

The birding life also did not show much either. The family of YellowBill Ducks were there as was the Little Grebe pair, there were a couple of Moorhen and White Knobbed Coot. The solitary cormorant was there.

Other birds seen were some Cape White-eyes, a pair of Cape Bulbul, some Cape Sparrow and a flock of Helmeted Guineafowl. As I was leaving about 20 Hadeda landed in the trees next to the lake. No sign of the Cape and Masked Weavers yet.