Some Work on a Large Azalea Bonsai

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My friend Gerry brought this large azalea bonsai over to my place this week to get some advice and to begin the work of shaping it into a really nice bonsai. The first picture was taken last year on the day he acquired it from Wattston Bonsai. This is a fantastic tree with a terrific nebari but it… Continue reading Some Work on a Large Azalea Bonsai


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An elm bonsai growing on a piece of alpine rock in my garden, in the Netherlands. All pictures in my stream are copyrighted. Please don’t use my images on websites, in print or any other media without my prior written permission. © Taco Meeuwsen, all rights reserved. Many of my pictures are being represented by Getty Images, © Getty Images… Continue reading ELM ON ROCK by ESOX LUCIUS