Bird Photography II

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In an earlier post I listed some basic photography techniques for birders:  get close and low, take many pictures, avoid over-exposure by checking photos frequently, and focus on the bird’s eye.  I also made the distinction between photo-birding, the use of a camera to help with bird ID’s, and bird photography, the goal of which is to obtain the “perfect” photo.… Continue reading Bird Photography II

Photo-birding or Bird Photography

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? This distinction is more than just semantics.  There are indeed two different uses for your camera when you go birding.  Some use one or the other; I use both.  When I was new birder I marveled at the skill shown by others in making field ID’s, especially for those small, constantly moving birds, often in the high canopy.  I found… Continue reading Photo-birding or Bird Photography

Confessions Of An Amateur Bird Photographer

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Double-crested Cormorant (Phalacrocorax auritus) ? You and I have read all of the “right way” articles instructing us how to photograph birds, post-process the images, and store the files.  These have given me some valuable tips, maybe even from your blog, but in the end I must make my own way, experiment, and go with what works for me.  When this… Continue reading Confessions Of An Amateur Bird Photographer


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Despite the heat and the on-going drought, this has been an interesting month for birdwatching in my garden. Red-winged Starlings have been regular visitors to the feeding station and make short work of any cut apples I put out. Here you can clearly see the female, with the grey head, in the foreground while the male pecks at the… Continue reading DECEMBER 2016 GARDEN BIRDS

Demonstration Video – Bimer Bonsai, Brisbane Australia.

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Its always difficult watching or listening to recordings of yourself and it is no different when I watch the below video of myself working a juniper and saying ‘um’ way too many times. (something to work on…..) Back In August, the Bimer bonsai club invited me to fly up to Brisbane to run workshops and conduct a demonstration for their members. While demonstrations are… Continue reading Demonstration Video – Bimer Bonsai, Brisbane Australia.

Life gets in the way.

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Life as always is busy but lately things have been flat-out. I have been juggling a two-year old,  full-time work, managing our house’s extension, working customer trees, digging/collecting material and also travelling Australia (Perth, Sydney, Canberra, Bendigo, Geelong and Brisbane) as an AABC tutor giving lectures, demonstrations and workshops. As a result the blog has suffered. Hopefully I can kick start… Continue reading Life gets in the way.

Sacrifice branches, deciduous

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It’s difficult to get good shots of trees growing in the ground, but aside from collecting or buying from someone else doing this, it’s a good way to develop material for the future. These trees have been allowed to grow freely for two growing seasons, and now that buds are breaking, it’s time to make another round of pruning. Usually,… Continue reading Sacrifice branches, deciduous