Wellesley’s buttonwood: notes on defoliation

Originally posted on Adam's Art and Bonsai Blog:
In La Florida, we have people we like to call “snowbirds”. They’re a breed that lives in Florida for most of the year (primarily in the cooler months, hence the “snow” part) and then travel up north (the “bird” part, like an annual migration) in the hot months. Now, I’m from up north originally, and I… Continue reading Wellesley’s buttonwood: notes on defoliation

Garden Tour: Andrew Robson

Originally posted on Michael Hagedorn:
This is the second in a series of posts about the gardens of my former apprentices. This time, Andrew Robson, who was with me from 2016-2019. Like myself and Bobby Curttright, Andrew has chosen the modest-space professional bonsai garden, much like the Japanese do. The garden of Rakuyo Bonsai is only a mile from my studio near Portland, Oregon. Enjoy… Continue reading Garden Tour: Andrew Robson