The Cemetery Squirrels – European Red

incidental naturalist

It was a scorcher of a day in Munich. I had arrived in the great Bavarian city after a long flight from Singapore. Espresso and sunshine would be the just the tonic for jet lag, and with temperatures at a steamy 34 degrees Celsius sunshine was aplenty. I decided to walk the flight out of my legs and, of course, my camera traveled with me.

I took a short and picturesque cut through the historic Alter Südfriedhof cemetery. The last resting place of some of history’s most notable Bavarians, as well as victims of great plague, laid to rest in 1563.

The late afternoon sun sent wind blown shadows dancing through the gothic monoliths, while the stone eyes of the long dead appeared to follow my footsteps. A screaming Green woodpecker exploded from the grass beside me, setting my heart racing. A Great-spotted woodpecker flew low before sticking like velcro…

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