Reducing visual weight with carving

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It’s a pink pixie bougainvillea kinda day today, from the Hippie Dad Bonsai garden.

A big one too. If I remember correctly, it was a tree which was literally in the trash at a landscape nursery, and Doug (the esteemed Hippie Dad) dumpster dived it. From the looks of it when we potted it in this pot a few months ago, it might have been a big cutting at one point. The roots were so non-existent that I had to drill a screw into the trunk to secure the tree in the pot.

Here’s the screw.

Now, looking at the tree, there is a flaw, but not a fatal flaw. The middle looks fatter than…

…..the base. That’s, like I said, a flaw. But not that bad of a flaw.

We can fix it.

Those aerial-type roots will thicken in time, making the base wider.

But, for the moment, we…

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