Yellow Cedar, Second Draft-

Michael Hagedorn

The second wiring of a tree is like the second draft in writing. It’s when, as author Neil Gaiman puts it, “You get to show you knew what you were doing all along.”

When I was in graduate school I looked forward to doing my laundry. It was the only time of the week when I felt I knew what I was doing. Everything else needed a first draft, but not the laundry.

Last week we had this Yellow Cedar up on the working table, for its second draft. Growth has filled in the pads, and that gave us more to work with.

DSC_0719 (1)

Where we started two years ago, 2020.


First styling done, fall of 2020. Like most stylings, it’s a skeleton, a sketch of how you see the design, at that point in time, with what you have to work with. A first styling is a first draft. (For…

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