Hinoki Cypress Pruning and Maintenance

Michael Hagedorn

For over fifteen years this Hinoki has been trained uniformly. No upper branch got thick, no lower branch got weak. It’s wonderful work by a client of mine, grown from a young sapling. 

With benches full of trees, it’s easy to pass a tree by several years in a row. Hard to know why I chose this moment over the same date last year, or two years from now, to design this tree. Sometimes I think trees wink at us, “Right now is a good time, bubba.” 

Outside of early summer being a good time to work on Hinoki, I’m convinced of the wink.

In this session I decide on a front. In the process I cut many branches off. Also, I share a maintenance technique for this easy to grow conifer. 


Hinoki Cypress after more than 15 years of slow development from a small seedling. Here’s our front. The opening…

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