A client’s amazing Portulacaria afra

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I remember, me being an old guy in bonsai, when the legendary Jim Smith was still having his “Sunday Under the Oaks” styling classes every 4th Sunday of the month at his Durastone nursery in Vero Beach. His nursery was amazing, with all kinds of tropical trees to choose from. And his pricing was astonishing. Most everything was priced by container size. 8 inch containers were $12.50, ten inch were around $25, and so forth. It didn’t matter if that tree in the 8 inch container was 7 inches thick at the base, that was the price.

The cost went up to $15 eventually but the same rules applied. Those were the good old days (nostalgia used to be considered a mental illness back in the day too).

Todays subject came from those good old days. A Portulacaria afra, (dwarf jade, elephants food, spekboom, pork bush, port, whatever you want…

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