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I just took possession, temporarily, of the Bonsai Societies of Florida’s President’s collection of bonsai. Or I should say the, suddenly, past president of BSF.

Jorge, the past president, is in the weeds with his trees.

I can’t blame him, so am I.

He and I were the co-chairs of the last (2022) BSF Convention and we were a bit busy these last few months, and, really, the last several years. Putting on a convention of the size we do, three days of solid bonsai (really six for the organizers and volunteers) multiple artists, hundreds of workshop and demo trees, an exhibit, vendor room and the vendors that go with it, raffles, auction, BSF Board meetings, and a banquet. But that’s another blog post (here’s a link to the latest addition of the Florida Bonsai Magazine to give you an idea of what you missed).

After all that, it’s now…

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