Something Over Tea

I came across a Karoo Violet for the first time in 2016 (see https://somethingovertea.wordpress.com/2016/10/06/karoo-violet/) which my companions correctly identified as Aptosimum procumbens. It is recognised by its creeping, mat-forming appearance along with its paddle-shaped leaves. This is what it looked like:

While driving through the Karoo National Park, I was struck by the patches of similar violet flowers growing in the rocky terrain. Given the arid conditions in which it grows, it is not surprising to learn that these plants have a strong, woody taproot.

Being able to get out at various lookout points provided an opportunity for me to have a closer look at these pretty flowers, this time with spatula-shaped leaves.

These Karoo violets are Aptosimum indivisum and have a distinctive white throat with blue-purple marks around it. They are also known as brandbossie (burn bushlet) in Afrikaans as they can apparently be used to treat…

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