Making some pots in The Hippie Dad Bonsai Pottery Studio

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🎶The wheel in the garage keeps on turning….🎶

🎶Don’t know where I’ll be tomorrow, 🎶

🎶but this pot on the wheel will be burnin’🎶

I recently (within the last few months actually) had the opportunity to make some pots with the Hippie Dad Bonsai, Doug Marcum (one of the most tolerant Facebook groups out there is run by the Hippie Dad, check it out:

I got on the wheel, made a round pot, and squashed it into a free form oval. It seems happy so far.

I used a “chattering tool” to get the texture, for those wondering. It then dried and Doug “bisque fired” it.

Not bad so far.

Still a happy pot. Now for some glaze. The base coat.

Doug taught me that it needs like four or five coats. So I put 3-1/2. Just because I’m a contrary SOB.

I also made a pinch pot…

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