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Unlike the roads in the Eastern Cape, where I live, we did not encounter a single donkey cart, herd of cattle / goats / sheep along the roads in the Western Cape. Dare I mention there were no potholes that we noticed; the road markings were clear; the verges beautifully clear; and in the early morning of our departure… Continue reading WESTERN CAPE ROADS

CWAC Survey of Klein river Lagoon

Originally posted on Hermanus Bird Club:
Eight club members participated in the quarterly CWAC count of birds on the Klein river lagoon this morning. We were divided into two teams with John, Sheelagh, Mike Ford and Barbara Palmer doing the north bank, and Ed, Mike Kokot, Renee and Ronnie on the south, or beach, side. It was a beautiful morning to be out and we… Continue reading CWAC Survey of Klein river Lagoon

Cantilevered, Ancient Vine Maple on a Board—

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Here’s a project long in the dreaming—a Vine Maple on a metal / slab support. I’ve enjoyed cantilevered forms for their suggestion of precariousness. Which nature has in abundance. The tree was collected from the Oregon Cascades in 2020. It’s an old thing, with a rotted base that’s seen many trunks die back and new ones grow over a long… Continue reading Cantilevered, Ancient Vine Maple on a Board—