The Crataegus Garden by Drone-

Originally posted on Michael Hagedorn:
When Bonsai Empire shot a new online educational course here this spring, we used a drone to film the garden. I’d never seen it from that vantage. The third clip on this video arrested me—from high up, the garden layout is exactly as I’d sketched it 13 years ago, in pencil, on an 8 x 11 sheet of paper (super… Continue reading The Crataegus Garden by Drone-

Navigating a vast ocean

Originally posted on wadertales:
The journeys that shorebirds make, as they cross the oceans of the globe, are truly remarkable. Individual birds demonstrate amazing endurance and navigational expertise while in the air for days at a time. Satellite transmitters are providing opportunities to understand how shorebirds refine their flight plans in responses to the wind patterns they encounter. In a paper in?Movement Ecology?by Jenny Linscott… Continue reading Navigating a vast ocean