The Patient Magic of Michael Roberts: Part II

Michael Hagedorn

Two more from the great bonsai collection of Michael Roberts. His collection features elms, oaks, pines, trident maples, and olives, all self-created.

Most of Michael’s bonsai are large, though the Cork Bark Elm shown here is a small one. Michael nicknamed it “The Ambassador”—so if you’ve never been to the land of elms, this might be the one that convinces you it’s a nice place to visit.

The second bonsai featured in this post is a Cork Oak, another species that grows well in the heat of Southern California.  

Michael has an MFA in painting. While studying bonsai he got to know nursery owners George Yamaguchi and Mas and Gary Ishi. In the early 2000’s the Ishi’s introduced Mike to a third generation Japanese bonsai artist, Kenji Miyata. Now Michael teaches monthly workshops in rapid development techniques.

Ambassador 2007

2007. The start of “The Ambassador”, a chuhin Cork Bark Elm.

Ambassador 2012

2012. Notice that Michael has…

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