Cutting Flowers off Winter Hazel

Michael Hagedorn

Like most flowering bonsai, Winter Hazel are stronger if flowers are cut off at the end of blooming.

Time your flower removal when the petals begin to fall. With scissors, cut the flowers off just above the new emerging leaves.


Dangling Winter Hazel flowers delight in early spring. This is a young plant beginning to lose the tiny flower petals—a perfect time to cut the flowers off.


After cutting flowers with scissors.


An older Winter Hazel, with spent flowers. Some don’t have many petals left. At this point small fruits are growing and it’s best to cut them off before they weaken the plant.


After flower removal.


After flower removal closeup. Small green leaves are emerging that will balloon into large, heart-shaped pancakes. Though this plant is grown for it’s early spring flowers, the leaves are unique and charming.


A couple weeks later, in good sun and heat, the leaves…

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