A little more repotting

Nebari Bonsai

Round 2. I shifted the Itoigawa from the Sara Rayner to this Sanpo pot, a very traditional rectangle, which is inoffensive, properly-sized, and good enough until I find the “right” one. At least the planting position is corrected, and later this spring I may prune and wire it. It’s been allowed to sit for a couple years.

Freeing up the Sara Rayner pot to test fit with the ginkgo.

Too cheap

Too deep.

Yamafusa, my first Tokoname pot, and the one that went to the 3rd USNBE under my Japanese maple. Here, it’s just too wide for now.

None of those worked as well as the SR, so that was the winner. A bit of a downgrade from the Ino Shukuho, but suitable, deeper, and a decent change of scenery.

Next up, shifting the Shimpaku to a slightly deeper pot, and standing it just a bit more upright. Somehow, it…

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