Willow leaf repot, break out the saw….

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Ya’ll remember this tree, right? From the post in November, 2020, called “Provenance”.

Here’s how it looked then:

It’s grown leaves since, but I never got to repot it, as I promised, all of 2021. Todays the day the tree gets new shoes!

In the first post, I pondered whether this branch should go:

I’m still pondering. But I do think I’ll lose this secondary branch.

You can’t see it anyway and it’ll poke your eye out after the repot and I change the potting angle.

“Orf wiv its ‘ead! “

Now that that’s done, here’s a funny thing: the wire I put on, a year and a half ago, on a ficus, mind you, is not cutting in.

At all.

The tree has grown leaves, and I topiary pruned it a bit throughout last year, but it hasn’t grown. Weird, right?

I have a feeling it’s…

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