A little delay

Nebari Bonsai

On March 5 it was 82f in Birmingham, and on March 12, it was 23f, a 59-degree swing down. Of course the deep freeze wasn’t in the forecast on 2/27 when I started repotting the first of about 10 trees in a few days.

So with freshly-repotted trees on the bench and suddenly a hard freeze coming, what to do? Friday night, as temps dropped from the low 60s to the low 40s, these trees came inside:

  • Anything that was just repotted
  • Anything that has budded out
  • Anything that is marginally hardy in this zone
  • Anything recently grafted

This round, that included the black pines, Itoigawa, Stewartia, trident maples, princess persimmons, Chinese quince, ficus, Ume, hawthorn and olive. 15 trees in all.

And they sat there in the basement from Friday night until Sunday at noon, when temperatures climbed back into the 40s. And it got cold too, a few…

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