Popping the Cork on Spring 2022

Bonsai Iterate

Today I popped the cork on spring work. Among other garden and bonsai work, I repotted a couple of trees. It has begun.

Bonsai folks — especially bonsai professionals — will talk about the work that can be done in winter. As a hobbyist, I appreciate the down time I have in winter when my 9-5 can be very demanding. I do a fair amount of work in late fall, but eventually get to a point where I can “close shop” until it’s time to start the spring rush of repotting.

An Amur maple I started from seed a number of years ago started taunting me in early February, pushing shoots and having the audacity to start growing when it was clearly still winter! I’m in Northern Virginia, USA, where the average low in February is 24 Fahrenheit (-4 to -5 C). We had some upper teens this month (-8…

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