Ground Boxes, 2 Year Follow Up

Bonsai Iterate

Experiments are slow in bonsai. I still have a lot of questions and a lot to learn about what I am calling ‘Ground Boxes.’ You can read my first post on this topic HERE. For those who want the short version, I planted several trees into wooden frames with mesh bottoms (as pictured below) directly on the ground to test a hybrid approach between growing in a container and planting in the ground to thicken trunks.

A wooden frame with wire mesh bottom.

That was two years ago and I thought it was time to see what things are looking like by lifting one of the Amur maples. Amur maples aren’t particularly fast growers, but this plant had grown to over five feet (over 1.5 meters) and the trunk was thickening accordingly. I expected some roots to grow through the mesh at the bottom, so I started by cutting…

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