Article 70 – ‘Design: a discussion’ Part 2

Taiga Bonzai

Hi, welcome to Taiga Bonzai in this article we discuss the complexities of design, it’s meaning and message what the designer or artist is attempting to impart with their perspective and to attempt to make sense of it all in a rational manner.

Introduction – the term bonsai (bon ‘pot’ and sai ‘tree’) refers to the joining or marriage of the two components regardless of style be they single, twin or multiple trunked trees and/or forest plantations. There are no figurines, independent rocks or miniature structures, displays where such artifacts are used come under different categories. In Japan they are referred to as ‘Bonkei’ and ‘Saikei‘, but there is a distinct difference between the two ‘Bonkei‘ does not use ‘live’ material of any description whereas ‘Saikei‘ does. The Vietnamese version of ‘Saikei‘ miniature landscape is called ‘Hón Non Bộ‘…

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