Winged elm: new pot and maintenance

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Time for a new pot. Or is it a slab? How about “container”? That could work.

The tree is a winged elm, Ulmus alata, which, for your Latin lesson of the day, means “winged elm” (my favorite line when giving a demonstration on this species is: In English, it’s “win-ged”. Two syllables. In America they usually say “winged”, one syllable. In the south they call it a “Wanged Elm”, like, ” I’ll have ten chicken wangs, as hot as y’all make em’…I wanna feel ’em going down, annnd I wanna feel em’ when they comin’ out, sittin’ on the pot, iffn ya’ get my meanin’ ” )

Speaking of pots, the current one it’s in isn’t a bad pot, really. It’s a nice deep blue glaze,

If I’m correct, it’s a Tokoname production pot from Japan. High quality, from the last century. Very shallow. I think a ficus will look…

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