A Fall Prune (And How Stewartia Got Its Name)

Michael Hagedorn

Stewartia monadelpha is an elegant deciduous species with smooth, cinnamon bark and silvery, gem-like buds. Related to Camelias, they like moist, shady locations and develop at about 1/2 the speed of a Japanese Maple.

The Stewartia featured below was brought into the studio for a fall session with concave pruners.


Stewartia in training after a season of growth, sporting several red pipe cleaners that hang as question marks in likely pruning spots.

DSC_1287 (1)

The noble hands of our intrepid pruners, Erich and Maciek.


This stopping place leaves many ponderables for next time–which might be next June or July, another excellent time to prune back Stewartia. The smaller trunk used to be a root graft, which we decided to keep as a secondary trunk. To retain energy on that smaller trunk two extensions were left long.


A study in yellow and green and a bit of white, the lost leaves of Stewartia. (Stewartia…

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