Buying a tree for the pot (the tree ain’t bad either)

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I love auctions. It may be in the blood, there’s a story of my grandpa, who we called Pee Wee, going to the local auction and bidding on everything no one else wanted with his catchphrase:


All the grandkids loved going with him to watch him buy all this crap, though I never was old enough to go. He claimed he bought it all because he could sell it for at least two. He never did, as evidenced by his house and garage being full of it. I’m glad I didn’t have to be the one to clean it up after he passed away, as I was already in Florida at the time. That task fell to my cousin Josh, bless his back. Mostly it was scrap and dumpster fodder, though Pee Wee did have a sweet 1950’s era guitar with a tremolo bar. I wonder what happened…

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