Birding the Sierra Gorda Biosphere, Mexico – Part Two

The Experienced Intermediate Birder

Enroute to Cuatro Palos

We were up early for the drive to Cuatro Palos. Our trip wound us along steep-sided mountain roads with stunning views. Little did we know that some of the best vistas were still to come. As we approached Cuatro Palos, we passed clearings with small farms and ranches and stopped when birds were spotted. Vaux’s Swifts and Black and Turkey Vultures with a few Chihuahuan Ravens soared overhead. Noisy, restless flocks of Mexican Jays, very difficult to photograph, entertained us as did Acorn Woodpeckers, the rodeo clown of woodpecker species.

Cuatro Palos, Mexico

Mexican Jay

Acorn Woodpecker

At last, we arrived in the village. Cuatro Palos (four poles) was named after a large tree with four prominent trunks. It was a meeting place for locals in the past but only the name has endured today. We got…

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