Back on the Mountain

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Having been away for a while, it was good to get back and be able to do some walking. We kicked off with a 12,5 km hike westwards along the contour path and then back along the cliff path. Being November, we were on the look out for Orchids and were pleased to see a few Pterogodium catholica flowering at the… Continue reading Back on the Mountain

Addo Elephant Park

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We visited Addo briefly many years ago and were somewhat disappointed by the way the dense vegetation impedes one’s view of anything beyond the immediate track or road one is driving on. This time we were happier with the opportunities for birding and game viewing, largely because we stayed at the delightful Nyathi Camp, which lies in the Nyathi Concession to… Continue reading Addo Elephant Park

Bird Club outing to Jessie Walton’s: Thursday 4 November 

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(Barbara Swart) Nineteen birding-hungry Club members descended on the lakes at Jessie’s Restonwald farm. It was clear that there had not been much human activity there over the last year: the plant life was lush, and the birdlife even better. We had a wonderful time at the main bird-hide, looking across to the island that had birds crowded onto… Continue reading Bird Club outing to Jessie Walton’s: Thursday 4 November