Quick update to the collected Ficus microcarpa

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A mere two months later, time to remove wires, re-wire, and Cut It Back.

It was in this article from a few months ago.

Here’s how you saw it last, a Ficus microcarpa from a client’s back yard.

Got some good backbudding, excellent.

The wire is cutting in perfectly.

One of my aphorisms for developing ficus bonsai “If you don’t have wire marks, you’re not using enough wire.”. I say that because if you don’t leave the wire on long enough, the branch won’t hold shape. Especially on a ficus. Then you’re just wiring for wiring sake.

The rain was pretty heavy this summer here in the state of Florida, or at least in my backyard. And I think this is fungus.

It’s on many of the leaves, something I don’t see on F. microcarpa much. I will treat with BioAdvanced All-in-one Rose and Flower care, which has…

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