Reworking A Japanese Maple

Michael Hagedorn

Carmen, my apprentice, said I should call this maple ‘Cousin Itt’, from the Addams Family. There is a resemblance. The spooky bit is Itt lost two branches last year. This year we let Itt run hard out of fear of losing more.

Last week we removed all the incandescent leaves (what a shame) to see what had happened within the canopy.


Japanese Maple var. ‘Cousin Itt’, before leaf removal.


After removing all leaves, but before cutting anything. Two stubs are visible from branches that died last year. These will be cleaned up next growing season.


New front option, the back. This view has the benefits of no trunk scars, better nebari, and a pleasing branch pattern.


Yes, I exist. I’ve had complaints that I never appear in my posts which has given rise to ideas of identify theft, lack of identity, or worse. Here ‘I’ am pruning away strong branches…

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