That’s a lotta roots!

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I got a call from my client John. He said his trees need some work. I hadn’t heard from him for at least three years (with the lost pandemic year and him being a busy businessman and all. Hmmmmm, there’s a word connection. Busy, busyness, business. I’ll have to look up the etymology because it’s bugging me, kind of like how entomology bugs me too. It should bug you too).

With all my traveling of late, I told him the days I’d be home and he said “I’ll be by Thursday!” Little did I know how much work his trees needed.

This is just one, a Ficus microcarpa:

Where’s my machete? The tree started out as one of those retail “ginseng” style ficus you get at the box stores, but it’s developed a bit. It just takes some time to mature. And for those that say it’s only a Florida…

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