On the beach: breeding shorebirds and visiting tourists

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Rising sea levels, stormier weather, coastal development and more people are putting increasing pressures upon shorebirds that nest on beaches. A paper about the breeding waders of Norfolk & Suffolk (UK) coasts illustrates the importance of understanding human behaviour when trying to maintain (or create) space for breeding plovers. This paper will be of particular interest to conservationists trying to support… Continue reading On the beach: breeding shorebirds and visiting tourists

The flock now departing

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“The flock now departing from the tideline is bound for Beauvais. Curlew can change here for destinations in Germany and Russia”. It’s fascinating to wonder what might be happening when a flock of waders takes to the air, gains height and sets off in a particular migratory direction. With more individuals wearing tracking devices, it was only a matter of time… Continue reading The flock now departing

Article 58 – ‘Wiring a Ficus’

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Hi, welcome to Taiga Bonzai, in this post we look at an alternative way to wiring a Ficus retusa. Introduction – This small Ficus ginseng (Ficus?retusa) in the Komono class (15cm to 26cm) native to Asia has been pruned many times over the years and the cuttings were preserved by placing them in a glass jar filled with tap water.… Continue reading Article 58 – ‘Wiring a Ficus’