A Trick for Correcting a Wire-Scarred Branch-

Michael Hagedorn

Spiral scars seem to happen overnight. You go to bed with happy thoughts only to arise with badly bitten in wire.

Wire scars on some plants can last well into a bonsai’s maturity. How might we correct that?


Though slight, wire marks like this bug me. This Chojubai was wired when it was a skinny cutting. The wire bit in, and the scars are still visible even though it’s now 1/2″ / 1.25cm thick.


Making larger, more complex scars can help hide repetitive, parallel wire scars. In this example, blue areas mark where wire scars might be altered, rendering them less obvious.


Using a small chisel to make slight excavations just below the bark.


After taking down the ridges where the wire scars are worst. It helps to think about camouflage here. Try taking small chunks away rather than mirroring the spiraling wire scars with new spiraling wounds.


I find…

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